Optical Technician
David English
David English


1981 — Masters-Other, Marine Affairs University of Washington, 1983 B.S., Oceanography University of Washington,


1996-2007 — Research Assistant/Associate University of South Florida, - (Chief Scientist on RV Suncoaster during CoBOP'98, CoBOP'99, and CoBOP2000. Co-Chief Scientist on RV Bellows during KDOM_2005)

1985-1996 — Senior Oceanographer University of Washington

1980-1981 — Marine Technician Northwest Consultant Oceanographers

Selected Publications:

Bio-Optical Properties of the Tidal Alafia River; Comparisons with Bay Anchovy Distribution. David English and Ernst Peebles. Feb.2007

Carder, Kendall, David English,and Chunzi Du."An Autonomous Marine Optical System (AMOS) for monitoring the optical properties of port and harbor waters.."SPIE Defense & Security 2006 Proceedings 6204(2006): 118-127

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Banse, K, and D. C. English. "Geographical differences in seasonality of CZCS-derived phytoplankton pigment in the Arabian Sea for 1978-1986." Deep-Sea Research II (2000): 1623-1677


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