Optical Oceanography Laboratory Team
Optical Oceanography Laboratory Team
Group photo taken August 22, 2023 at Knight Oceanographic Research Center (KRC)

*New & established systems:*

Virtual Buoy System (VBS) to monitor coastal water quality
Integrated Red tide Information System (IRIS)
Sargassum Watch System (SaWS) to track Sargassum in near real-time

*Who we are:*

A group of scientists, engineers, and students conducting research and education in marine science using primarily optics and remote sensing

*Our research goals:*

To understand and quantify how light is affected by various materials in the water and air, and to understand how our ocean ecosystem is changing in terms of phytoplankton blooms, benthic habitats, and optical water quality, as well as their connections with climate change and human activities

*Current research focus:*

Bio-optical properties of coastal and inland waters
Remote sensing algorithms and data products
Algal blooms and river plumes
Ecosystem connectivity and climate change
Coastal ocean observing systems
Episodic events