Senior System Administrator
Brock Murch
Brock Murch


BA(SPEC) 1986, University of Alberta (Political Science / Economics)


Solaris System Administration 2.7 – Course Certification, 2000
Java Programming – Course Certification, 2001
Solaris 2.6 Administration, 2002
Perl 5, 2002
Linux Redhat, 2002
Linux System Administration, 2002
Foundation Series: UNIX, 2002
University of South Florida – Information Security – Ongoing


Senior Systems Administrator - College of Marine Science 2009 (December) — present. Associate in Research Faculty – College of Marine Science (IMaRS & Ocean Optics Laboratory) 2002 — 2009. System Administrator, Programmer, Webmaster — Institute for Marine Remote Sensing (IMaRS) 2001 — 2002 USGS — Programmer — Center for Coastal Studies 1999 — 2001 Republic Bank – Assistant Vice—President 1996 — 1999


  • Object Oriented PERL
  • Java
  • SQL
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jquery
  • ajax


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