Post-Doctoral Scholar
Dr. Yuyuan Xie
Yuyuan Xie


2015 — Ph.D. College of The Environment & Ecology, Xiamen University, China.

2007 — B.S. Department of Oceanography, Xiamen University, China.


2021 — present Postdoctoral Scholar, University of South Florida.

2018 — 2021 Postdoctoral Research Associate, NOAA, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Milford Laboratory

2018 Visiting Scholar, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA

2016 — 2018 Postdoctoral Fellowship, State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science, Xiamen University, China

2013 Visiting Scholar, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

Research Interests:

Evolution of phytoplankton blooms

Phytoplankton functional types in relation to marine primary production

Chlorophyll fluorescence and nonphotochemical quenching


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