Doctoral Student
Xingxing Han
Xingxing Han


Visiting Student, 09/2015 — present, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida

Ph.D. student, 09/2012 — present, MD-Ph.D. student at Cartography & Geographic Information Systems, State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei, P. R. China

09/2007 — 06/2011, Xi an University of Science and Technology, Xi an, Shanxi, P. R. China

Honors and Awards

Graduate Fellowship of Wuhan University, 2014

The First prize in Academic Innovation Award of graduate students in Wuhan University, 2015

Research Experience:

Wetland changes in Poyang Lake based on Multi-sensor Analyses: Climate change or the influence of the Three Gorges Dam? ( The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, PI), 05/2015-05/2017

Remote sensing based spatio-temporal dynamics of Poyang Lake's water budget and suspended sediment and their driving force (A key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, member)

National Science & Technology Major Project (Water Major Project , member)

Fieldwork Experience:

October, December 2014, Survey of wetland vegetation types and coverage, and measurements of wetland vegetation spectra, in Poyang Lake , Jiangxi Province, China

September, 2014, In-situ measurements of water quality parameters including chlorophyll concentration, suspended sediments concentration, water clarity, total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP), in Poyang Lake , Jiangxi Province, China

August 2013, In-situ measurements of water quality parameters in Poyang Lake , Jiangxi Province, China

Selected Publications:

Xingxing Han, Xiaoling Chen, Lian Feng*. (2015). "Four decades of winter wetland changes in Poyang Lake based on Landsat observations between 1973 and 2013." Remote Sensing of Environment 156(0): 426-437.

Xingxing Han, Lian Feng*, Xiaoling Chen, Herve Yesou. (2014). "MERIS observations of chlorophyll-a dynamics in Erhai Lake between 2003 and 2009." International Journal of Remote Sensing 35(24): 8309-8322.

Lian Feng*, Chuanmin Hu, Xingxing Han, Xiaoling Chen*, Lin Qi. Long-Term Distribution Patterns of Chlorophyll-a Concentration in China's Largest Freshwater Lake: MERIS Full-Resolution Observations with a Practical Approach[J]. Remote Sensing, 2014, 7(1): 275-299.

Xiaoling Chen, Xingxing Han, Lian Feng*. Toward a practical remote sensing model of suspended sediment concentrations in turbid waters using MERIS measurements. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2015, 36(15): 3875-3889.

Lian Feng *, Xingxing Han, Chuanmin Hu, Xiaoling Chen*. Dramatic wetland changes of Poyang Lake during the last four decades: Climate change or influence of the Three Gorges Dam? Remote Sensing of Environment (under review).

* denotes Advisor