Ph.D. Candidate
Doctoral Student Kun Yu
Kun Yu


2006.09 — Present: Ph.D. candidate of Nanjing University, Nanjing, Jiangshu, China


2008.12 — Present: Near shore wetland vegetation monitoring using EOS/MODIS data. Shoreline changes in the west-central Florida using Landsat data.

2006.07 — 2008.12: Forecast the Influence of CaoFeidian Industrial Estate to the Coastal Marin Eco-system. River-Sea Interaction and the North Jiangsu Plain Formation.

2003.07 — 2006.07: Study on Utilization of Oasis Water Resources and Eco-environmental Changing on East-North Slope Region of Tianshan Mountain. Study on Oasis Environment Changing and the Relationship Between Human and Land on South Edge of Tarim Basin. Sub-Project of Eco-environmental Management and Control in Arid Area of West China.

Research Skills:

Operation Systems: Windows; Unix/Linux

Programming skills: Unix/Linux Shell Scripts, C/C++, IDL, VB, RS/GIS

Software: ArcGIS, ERDAS, ENVI

Research Interests:

Coast zone environment including vegetation change, shoreline change, water quality. Arid and semi-arid Area vegetation change, water resource management. Oasis environment changing.

Selected Publications:

Kun Yu Chuanmin Hu, Frank E. Muller-Karger, Dianmei Lu, Inia Soto (2010), Shoreline changes in the west-central Florida between 1987 – 2008 from Landsat observations. Submission/Acceptance Date: 2009-09-02/2010-03-01, Accepted by International Journal of Remote Sensing, 27 pages submitted.

Kun Yu, XIONG Hei-gang, LU Dian-mei. Study on Connection Between Groundwater and Landscape Ecology in Qitai Oasis of Xinjiang. Quaternary Sciences. 27(5),2007

Kun Yu, XIONG Hei-gang, HAN Qian, LU Dian-mei. Water Resource Carrying Capacity of Dalian City on Account of Objective Optimization Model. Urban Environment & Urban Ecology. 18 (5),2005