Post Doctoral Scholar
Jun Zhao
Jun Zhao


2005-2010 — Ph.D., Ocean Optics, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

2001-2005 — BA, Environmental Science and Technology, Tsing Tao University, China

Research Interests:

Interpreting variations in phytoplankton physiology in terms of natural fluorescence from space;

Ocean color remote sensing;

Primary production and carbon cycle with in situ and remote methods;

Influences of physical processes on primary productivity.

Observation of water quality;

In situ determination of variations in optical properties of seawater with different platforms, such as a moored buoy, a glider, etc;

Prediction and observation of harmful algal blooms;

Biogeochemical responses of phytoplankton to climate changes.

Selected Publications:

Jun Zhao, Wenxi Cao, Yuezhong Yang, Guifen Wang, Wen Zhou, Zhaohua Sun. 2008. Measuring natural phytoplankton fluorescence and biomass: A case study of algal bloom in the Pearl River estuary. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Jun Zhao, Wenxi Cao, Guifen Wang, Dingtian Yang, Yuezhong Yang, Zhaohua Sun, Wen Zhou, Shaojun Liang . 2009. The variations in optical properties of CDOM throughout an algal bloom event. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.

Guifen Wang, Wenxi Cao, Dingtian Yang, Jun Zhao. 2008. Partitioning particulate absorption coefficient into contributions of phytoplankton and nonalgal particles: A case study in the northern South China Sea. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.

Chaoyu Yang, Dingtian Yang, Wenxi Cao, Jun Zhao, Guifen Wang, Zhaohua Sun, Zhantiang Xu, M. S. Ravi Kumar. Analysis of seagrass reflectivity by using a water column correction algorithm. International Journal of Remote sensing. Accepted.