Scientific Researcher
David English
David English


M.M.A. (Marine Affairs), University of Washington

B.S. (Oceanography), University of Washington


2009 - present — Scientific Researcher, University of South Florida

2008 - 2009 — Researcher, University of South Florida

1997 - 2008 — Research Assistant/Associate, University of South Florida

1985- 1996 — Oceanographer, University of Washington

Research Interests:

I try to combine optical measurements with other environmental measurements, so that in situ and remote sensing observations can help describe the constituents and processes in the water or seabed. These measurements include the collection and analysis of hyperspectral ocean color, optical properties, and oceanographic data near and below the water s surface. Example measurements are the reflectance and transmission of light in water, remote sensing of the sea surface, and both airborne and in-water multi-spectral imagery. I ve helped collect optical oceanographic measurements not only from ship and shore based platforms, but also from autonomous underwater and airborne vehicles. My interest lies not only in data and its analysis, but also the preparation and training for successful field operations and the subsequent use of environmental observations.

Selected Publications and Presentations:

Zhang, M., D. English, C. Hu, P. Carlson, F. E. Muller-Karger, G. Toro-Farmer & S. R. Herwitz. Short-term changes of remote sensing reflectance in a shallow-water environment: observations from repeated airborne hyperspectral measurements. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 37 (2016), 1620-1638.

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Zhang, M., C. Hu, D. English, P. Carlson, F. E. Muller-Karger, G. Toro-Farmer & S. R. Herwitz. Atmospheric Correction of AISA Measurements Over the Florida Keys Optically Shallow Waters: Challenges in Radiometric Calibration and Aerosol Selection. Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, IEEE Journal of, 8(2015), 4189-4196.

Pu, R., S. Bell & D. English. Developing Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices for Identifying Seagrass Species and Cover Classes. Journal of Coastal Research (2015), 595-615.

English, D., M. Zhang, C. Hu, P. Carlson, S. Herwitz, K. Nakanishi, Z. Pan, & J. Merrill. Hyperspectral remote sensing of shallow coastal waters in the Florida Keys using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Initial results from atmospheric correction and glint reduction. In Ocean Optics XXII (2014). Portland, ME.

Zhao, J., C. Hu, J. M. Lenes, R. H. Weisberg, C. Lembke, D. English, J. Wolny, L. Zheng, J. J. Walsh & G. Kirkpatrick. Three-dimensional structure of a Karenia brevis bloom: Observations from gliders, satellites, and field measurements. Harmful Algae, 29 (2013), 22-30.

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English, D., C. Hu, C. Lembke, R. Weisberg, D. Edwards, L. Lorenzoni, G. Gonzalez, & F. Muller-Karger. Observing the 3-dimensional distribution of bio-optical properties of West Florida Shelf waters using gliders and autonomous platforms. Biloxi, MS, Oceans 2009.

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